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Buying Ruby at Wholesale Prices in Bangkok: The Complete Guide

Mention of Ruby is inevitable while discussing gemstone jewelry; since it appears in every other gemstone jewelry design, be it a necklace, ring, or an exquisite bangle. Undoubtedly, Ruby is the heart of the gemstone business, and due to this reason, Ruby’s demand is always spear high. Hence, many jewelers and gemstone lovers throng to Thailand for the best deal possible in terms of quality and money.

For the unversed, Bangkok’s wholesale gemstone market is unmatched. Bangkok is known as the capital of the world’s gemstones for a reason, after all. The place has nearly anything when it comes to gemstones, especially Rubies. Whether you’re a collector, a jewelry designer, or just an admirer of gorgeous gemstones like Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires, Bangkok will definitely entice you. But this guide will specifically brief you about Rubies and their wholesale prices and dealings in Bangkok, Thailand. So, what’s it like buying Ruby at wholesale prices in Bangkok? To know it all, let’s read on!

Navigating the Wholesale Ruby Buying Process: Everything You Need to Know

Bangkok continues to be the biggest, most active, and most significant market for dealing with colored gemstones, making it the cheapest place to get Rubies. Thai traders will still have the most extensive inventory of Rubies compared to all other nations. It is still the primary market for cut polished Burmese and Thai Rubies, so you will find the most affordable prices here.

However, there are specific steps that need to be taken or understood before getting into the buying process of the Rubies, especially in Thailand. These steps are crucial to ensure you are sealing the right deal.

1. Know your Dealer to Avoid Scam

Once you have decided to purchase wholesale Ruby in Thailand, you must check the credentials of the traders you will deal with. There are always evil ones around to scam the people. To make fast cash, they’ll try to capitalize on the naivety of foreign tourists, especially those who come to Thailand with no clue about trading in gemstones.

Of course, you should exercise caution when these con artists contact you. Hence, educate yourself on how to spot them. The trustworthy retailers and wholesalers have a business license located at the entrance of their office and can provide you with all the necessary documentation on your request.

Additionally, the TGJTA Directory lists the majority of trustworthy retailers. You can validate the same on their website as well. As they will have enough experience sitting in the market, they will be able to answer all your queries regarding the wholesale Rubies you will be planning to buy with confidence and accuracy.

2. Set a Budget & Negotiate

Setting a budget is always right as it will help you set the boundaries so you can know how much overboard you can go in terms of expenditure when it comes to wholesale Ruby pricing. As is common practice in Thailand, when buying gemstones, the trader or broker and the buyer will exchange proposals before reaching an agreement.

It is highly advised that you ask your gems brokers for assistance in negotiating a lower price. Use a pocket calculator to strike a conversation and convey your desire in terms of price. Remember that once a price is decided upon, it is irrevocable!

It is seen that negotiated final prices are often between 50 to 60 percent off the original asking price; however, they can be reduced by anywhere between 30 to 70 percent. Every market has its set trends and norms of working, so try to understand the same and adapt accordingly.

3. Understand the General Ruby Price Per Carat in the Market

Thailand and Burmese Rubies are among the top five in Asia for quality. Depending on the vibrant color, profound clarity, cut, and carat weight, it ranges from $20 per carat to $10,000 per carat. If you buy from the Chanthaburi or Trat marketplaces, you might be able to negotiate for Rubies that cost $2 to $5.

Research the price trend of Ruby in the various markets well before coming to a financial decision. However, it is crucial to understand that price doesn’t stay constant as there are many factors that can impact the same (details we will discuss in the later part of the write-up).

4. Enquire About Sourcing: Does it Have an Ethical Ground or Not?

As gemstones are typically mined, cut, and sold in separate countries, their supply chains are complicated. It is not rare to find a gemstone that may be traced to a respectable mine but was cut by subpar artisans elsewhere.

Earlier, there was no extensive monitoring system in place to guarantee honest and moral business activities in the colored gemstones sector. However, initiatives that aim to strengthen the responsibility, sustainability, and openness of the sourcing of colored gemstones as well as their supply chain, have recently emerged in Thailand, and the industry has been undergoing some transformation in this regard. 

Despite the shift in attitude, the majority of jewelers lack knowledge about the genuine origin and sourcing of the stones they purchase, as well as about the supply chain’s intermediaries. It has been seen that dealers frequently purchase stones from nations with a high rate of smuggling, poor recordkeeping, high levels of corruption, and mine owners who disobey recognized labor rules.

So, do proper research and the dealer’s background check and enquire about the sourcing process to ensure you are going to strike the right deal in Ruby trading. Many authentic traders maintain a calendar of their sourcing details and follow ethical practices to win customers on credibility. Many customers these days prefer to favor vendors that advertise that their goods are procured and produced with a strong sense of ethics, traceability, and transparency.

5. Process of Transactions

The price of the wholesale Rubies is dependent on many factors, such as quality, quantity, color, number of inclusions, carat weight, and chosen cut. After selecting the lot on all the given parameters, you strike the negotiation with the trader.

After the agreed amount, agree on the mode of payment. If you are an international client and getting online shipment, then information like sourcing and manufacturing also plays a vital role in the overall pricing.

6. Treatments & Certifications

You should always be aware of what you are purchasing when it comes to wholesale Ruby gemstones, whether you are a domestic or international customer. Today’s high-tech era makes duplicate gemstones available in every color; therefore, it is crucial to demand essential documents from the trader pertaining to the possible treatments, enhancements, and nature of origin.

Moreover, there is an easy way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic gemstone for only a few dollars. The Jewelry Trade Center is home to several laboratories, including AIGS and GIT. They will charge you only $10 to $12 for a brief certificate informing you of the item’s origin and indicating whether it is natural or artificial.

7. Go Online for Secured Financial Ruby Trading

Bangkok boasts a number of physical and online gem markets and retailers. If you are in the country or planning to visit soon, then look around multiple neighborhoods to find suitable gemstone vendors, such as Jewelry Trade Center, Silom, Pratunam, Chinatown, and Chanthaburi and Trat (the local markets) to get a sense of the overall market rate and the top gemstone suppliers in Bangkok, compare pricing and selections.

However, more and more customers are choosing online shopping over traditional retail in Thailand. It has been seen that Thailand’s society is increasingly reliant on the Internet, especially as new technologies change how shopping is provided to customers. The gemstone industry is not immune to these changes.

You may avail yourself of many benefits online, such as free shipping, significant discounts on bulk orders, etc., and can browse as many sites to choose the ideal one to do the shopping for Rubies.

Factors that Can Impact Price Points of Wholesale Buying of Ruby

In Thailand, you can purchase Rubies of any type, shape, and size, although a variety of circumstances can affect the price range. Let’s examine each of them individually.

4Cs (Color, Clarity, Carat & Cut)

The gem’s quality, including its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, determines the price. However, other considerations, such as treatments, international laws, and the overall scarcity of desirable traits, can also affect how much a Ruby costs. Let’s know these 4Cs in detail.

  • Color

The color is the primary aspect that is valued above all others, despite all other considerations when it comes to deciding the price of the Rubies. The simple math says the more profound the hue and saturation, the higher the price of that piece would be. The value of a Ruby increases with color purity and intensity.

Since Thai Rubies have a higher iron content, which reduces fluorescence, they exhibit a Royal Red, frequently with lovely secondary purple flashes. Thai Rubies typically exhibit a higher degree of purity while being deeper toned than Burmese Rubies as a result of light not being uniformly dispersed by silk.

  • Clarity

Inclusions are typical in Rubies; even the highest-quality stones are anticipated to have detectable inclusions when magnified by ten times. The best clarity grade for Ruby is “eye-clean,” which means no inclusions can be seen with the unaided eye. According to Ruby’s place of origin and medical history, inclusions change.

  • Cut

When referring to Ruby, the word “cut” can relate to a number of different things, such as faceting design, proportion, and finish of the gemstone. Although Rubies don’t need to be cut with the same level of precision as Diamonds, a well-cut stone looks more beautiful.

Gem cutters strive to optimize color display, keep the most weight, reduce inclusion or color zoning visible, and satisfy customer needs for specific cutting techniques. All these things play a vital role in deciding the price of the Ruby.

  • Carat Weight

Rubies larger than one carat are unusual and highly sought after. In the wholesale market, larger Rubies typically fetch greater prices per carat. Commercial-grade Rubies are more likely to follow established measurements. It’s vital to remember that due to their higher specific gravity, Rubies appear smaller than Diamonds of the same carat weight.

  • Origin

Every country’s native Rubies have unique characteristics that set them apart from one another. Unlike many other gemstones, a Ruby gemstone’s price is significantly impacted by its country of origin. The Burmese Ruby appears to have been the most well-known and expensive stone for ages.

The price of Ruby gemstones that have been verified as being from Burma is currently double that of their comparable equivalents. Thailand and Cambodia’s Rubies are considered Asia’s second-best in terms of quality.

  • Treatments & Enhancements

To enhance their quality and look, Rubies undergo many treatments. In order to improve the clarity and color of Ruby, it is usual practice to heat treat it by exposing it to high temperatures followed by controlled cooling. Silk, or rutile inclusions, are successfully dissolved by this procedure, enhancing color saturation and tone.

This approach is widely recognized in the business and has little effect on the price of ruby gemstones. However, it’s crucial to use caution when using more recent procedures like lead glass fillings, polymer, and diffusion coloring.

When thinking about buying Rubies, it’s best to work with reliable vendors who can give accurate information and guarantee transparency regarding any treatments or enhancements that have been carried out. It also affects the price of the gem. It is seen that Rubies that undergo multiple enchantments cost less than those with a natural disposition.

Sunny Creations Limited: Home to Authentic Rubies for Wholesale in Bangkok, Thailand

For thousands of years, people have used Ruby as an aesthetic stone and as a representation of love and passion in various cultures. Ruby gemstones are also a fantastic option for wedding bands, anniversary presents, and other special occasions where you want to express your love and appreciation.

As a result, demand for Ruby jewelry continues to soar. Because of this, a lot of jewelers seek Thailand for the greatest wholesale price. With the given guide, you can focus on fantastic offers with the provided instructions while avoiding any traps. If you are looking for an online section, then there is nothing better than Sunny Creations Limited.

You can visit us to check out the latest collection of Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds in different shapes, sizes, colors, and price points. In Thailand, SCL is a well-known and established calibrated gemstone dealer, renowned for its high-quality selection of precious gemstones. What are you still holding out for? Browse to stock up on some fantastic offers.

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